How to write a Personal Profile for your CV (with examples)

What is a personal profile?

Sometimes called the personal statement or personal summary, the personal profile is a brief section right at the top of your CV that ‘sells’ you to the reader. It should grab attention and make them want to read the rest of your details. 

Note: A Personal Statement is usually required for university applications, but this is a different topic and not one covered in this guide. 

Why is a personal profile needed on my CV?

It’s more than just needed, it’s essential. It’s a brief overview of who you are; your ideals and your goals. After reading it, the reader should feel like they have an idea or ‘feeling’ about you, without having met or even seen you. 

It really is your chance to create a good first impression. And you only get one chance to make a first impression, as the saying goes. Summing up your specific skills and experience relevant to the role you are applying for, the reader will be compelled to read on. 

How long should it be?

About four or five lines of text should be plenty for your personal summary – think a max of around 180-200 words. Keeping it succinct and to the point is the idea here – keep in mind that it’s a summary, not a Cover Letter.  

Does my personal profile need a title?

A simple, to-the-point CV is best, so placing your personal statement right at the top should be enough (under your name and contact details) don’t waste space stating that it’s a personal profile – it should be obvious, consider increasing the font size slightly and make it bold or italicise it to make it stand out 

How to write the personal profile

Ok, so who are you? Answer that question in the first sentence – “An ambitious university graduate with a 2:1 degree in Economics and a commitment to pursuing a career in a related field.” 

Remember to point out the most important information immediately after; why you’re applying for the role and what you’ll bring to it. Mention any relevant skills and finish with a summary of your professional goals – where you want to end up, professionally – but don’t suggest that this job is merely a stepping stone. 

So, your finished personal profile may look something like this: 

“An ambitious university graduate with a 2:1 degree in Economics and a commitment to pursuing a career in economics or a finance-related field. I have two years of work experience with XYZ company, giving me real-world skills to apply to what I have learned. I wish to excel in an Economics-focused role, eventually resulting in leading a team of Economists.” 

Dos and don’ts

Before you craft your own personal statement, please check out our simple checklist of dos and don’ts:


  • Keep it brief and clearly expressed – no waffle! 
  • Evidence of your skills and experience – but again, no waffle – just enough to spark interest 
  • Remember that it’s YOU that you’re selling – keep it focused on you 
  • Make the profile purposeful – show that you know your subject, but don’t sound arrogant 
  • Meet the job spec in your statement – show that it’s you they need for this role 
  • You do you – show the recruiter who you are, be real 
  • Proofread – always, get someone else to check it for you, then check it again 
  • Read it out – if it sounds natural, great, if not, give it a tweak 
  • Use an Active Voice – words like, ‘built’, ‘planned’, ‘created’, etc. 


  • Get carried away with ‘buzzwords’ – a list of empty, overused phrases isn’t very helpful, if you really must, then use them sparingly 
  • Use poor grammar – make sure to keep the tense and person the same 
  • Be dull – you want to keep the reader engaged with your exciting profile, not turn them off 
  • Copy – by all means use guidance and examples, but keep it fresh 
  • Ramble or waffle – keep it succinct and to the point 

Personal statement examples

Here, we have created 5 examples to give you an idea of how we think your personal profile should look, based on your circumstances. Feel free to use variations of these, tailoring them to your needs, including your skills and goals…

School Leaver personal profile example

If it’s your first time entering the job market, then this example should give you some guidance on how to write and structure your own personal statement.

I am an enthusiastic new entrant to the job market having just completed my A-Levels with top grades in Maths, Science and English. I am now looking for an apprenticeship opportunity or similar in the field of engineering with a progressive organisation. Ultimately, I would like to become a fully-qualified XYZ engineer, leading a team of similar individuals.

Redundancy or Unemployment personal profile example

Have you been made redundant or left a role, and therefore need to explain a career gap on your CV? This example should give you some help.

A highly motivated and experienced Marketing Manager with 15 years’ experience in FMCG. Delivered multiple successful campaigns, managed large marketing budgets and led a large team of marketeers throughout this time. Looking to re-enter the job sector after company closure and to lead another marketing team to continuing success.

Career Break personal statement example

Taken a break from your chosen career for some reason? This example will help you to construct a great personal profile designed to get you back into work.

A highly motivated and experienced Product Owner, currently seeking to continue my professional career after a three-year break to raise a young family. In possession of excellent organisational and people management skills, with a BA (hons) in Business Management. Looking to ensure product delivery that meets the needs of stakeholders and clients, once again.

Graduate personal summary example

You’ve studied hard and now you finally have your degree, let’s look at an example personal profile to help you secure your dream job.

A recent graduate with a 2:1 degree in Social Sciences from XYZ University, with a year’s work experience with a local government Social Services team. In possession of strong interpersonal skills, as well as advocacy, critical reflection, strong communication abilities, resilience and a robust intellect. Ready to join a team that mirrors my ambition and desire to make a difference. Available immediately.

Career Change personal profile example

Looking to change direction? Is your current career not fulfilling your ambitions? Let us help you create a personal statement that will help you follow another career path. Concentrate on the skills that you have that can move with you.

I am a successful sales professional with a tenacious and proactive approach that has helped my current organisation to rise to the top of its sector. I’m now looking to use my transferrable skills, gained over 10 years, to move to a senior marketing role where I can use my interpersonal and negotiating skills to elevate the business to a higher level. I am also currently working towards a diploma in Sustainable Marketing in my own time.

Final personal statement example

We’ll leave you with a great example of a personal summary from an applicant who has recently taken a career break: 

A highly-skilled data engineer looking to resume a position in the healthcare or related sector. Extremely knowledgeable with ten years of industry experience. Possesses a wide skillset, including analysis and creation of dashboards and board-level reports on trends and other information. Looking to re-establish a career, after a brief career break to take care of a new addition to the family, in an industry-leading organization which requires data engineering expertise.